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Description We create an intelligent digital therapeutics based on Applied Behavior Analysis for cognitive therapy prescribed to post-stroke patients to use at home. Address Cracow, Poland Website Linkedin Source https://www…

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Account Management, Leadership, Management, Operational Execution, Strategy, Go to Market

digital health, mobile app, sleep, sleep apnea management, digital therapeutics

medicine, portal, news, therapy, telemedicine, telemedycyna, psychologia

Telemedicine, Digital Therapeutics, Digital Health, Disease Prevention

Description VRx Medical Inc. (VRx) is a digital therapeutics company, specializing in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality products. VRx is focused on developing accessible, drug-free, digital treatments for pain, anxiety, and mental health. While…

mental health, digital therapeutics

Chronic Pain, AI, Digital Therapeutics

Description Metabolomics AI/ML based system for discovering diagnostic tools for CKD/UC (biomarkers/digital biomarkers). AI supported deep learning system for novel CKD/UC therapies. Address Belgrade, Nis/Belgrade, Serbia Address 11000, Serbia and…

Description Elby Health is currently partnering with patients, providers, community based organizations, and industry on a large scale research initiative to inform how digital therapeutics can improve health outcomes for those historically not…

Digital Therapeutics, Digital Health, eHealth, Telemedicina, Tecnología y servicios de información, Salud Digital, Al, Empoderamiento del Paciente, COVID19

strategic planning, clinical trials, NHS, digital therapeutics, medical affairs, marketing, management, leadership, business models, value propositions

healthcare, talent, M&A, digital therapeutics, ultra-rare diseases, next-generation healthcare, big data, analytics, blockchain, Internet of things, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Digital therapeutics, Long-term conditions, Social Impact, NHS Innovation

marketing strategy, product management, health education, gamification, simulation

Digital Therapeutics, Health 2.0, diabetes

strategy, patient organisations, data analytics

Description The goal is to change the way people take care of themselves. Thus, we are here disrupting the healthcare market with a mobile app which will act as a personal health partner / guide. Product : MEDOMNIA Mission : Be your own cure. Vision…

TheResearchPost is an open-access, peer-reviewed, medical journal built on a data visualization platform. The journal seeks to publish high-quality medical and healthcare research, including clinical and preclinical data, RWE, HEOR, patient-reported…