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Digital Therapeutics, Digital Health, AI in Prescription, Interoperability

iOS Development, Android Development, Web Development, NoSQL, NodeJS, Design thinking, innovation, mHealth, value-based healthcare, value-based innovation, digital therapeutics

ai, consulting, digital, personalisation, 4P healthcare, precision medicine, novel therapeutics, customer focused, marketing, digital dev strategy, data analytics, automation, biz dev, app development, KPIs, coaching, community support, healthtech,…

Micro-consulting, Solution Architecture, System Integration, Interoperability, Healthcare BI/Anlaytics, Transformational change, Healthcare Informatics, data asset strategy, Applied Informatics, Quality Improvement, Performance improvement, strategy…

medtech, neurotech, neuromodulation, neurostimulation, photobiomodulation, PBM, machine learning, artificial intelligence , brain health, mental health, digital health, e-textile, wearable

website design and development

Description If you are a payer you want to know whether the wellness apps your network doctors recommend actually improve a health outcome that costs you money, like blood glucose or blood pressure. You also would like to know which patients, using…