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Description 7Sugar is a tele-health integrated digital therapeutics company focused on delivering personalized diabetes care at scale. We capture critical patient data (lifestyle, food, diet, biomarkers, vitals) using our mobile app and glucose monitoring sensors. This patient data set is used by our proprietary AI models to learn patient physiology and behavioral patterns which are then used to deliver non medication interventions to patients in real time. Using the same date set, our models assist doctors by improving their understanding of what is driving their patients sugar levels out of range. Our models surface actionable insights to Doctors to help them deliver precision medication to bring sugar levels in range in a short period fo time (reduce iterations and trial and error common today). Both aspects of the solution have shown the ability to significantly bring down variability in sugar levels and improve time in range. The Tele-health feature provides Doctors and Dietitians to consult remotely at a touch of a button. Consultation can be on Video, Chat or voice. Both Doctors and Patients can view patient data on the mobile screen during consultation thus making it very effective to deliver interventions. Our platform can be used to address a wide rang of endocrine diseases and for general wellness consultation.

Specialties Diabetes, Obesity, Gestational Diabetes, Endocrine Disorders, Metabolic Disorders, Weight Management, Tele-Health, In Patient Sugar Glucose Monitoring, Diet counseling, Remote monitoring of Diabetes Patients, Research, Hypertension, Diabetes Prevention, Digital Health, Diabetes Reversal, PCOS

Address 94/H, Bangalore, Karnataka
Address 560080, India


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