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Description Sense Relief Inc. is an antiemetic digital therapeutics company that uses existing Apple Watch technology to delivery an acupressure therapy for fast and safe nausea relief. Nausea is a commonly encountered symptom with many possible causes and the mechanisms involved in nausea are complex and encompass several systems including the central nervous, autonomic nervous, gastrointestinal, and endocrine systems. Despite its prevalence, the mechanisms underlying the sensation of nausea are not well understood. The Sense Relief Team is extremely optimistic about the potential for the Sense Relief App to help reduce the $98 billion a year spent on maternal healthcare in the US, and increase the health of mother and baby. With additional data we will be able to develop many preventative applications for maternal health and deliver actionable, personalized, and timely recommendations and therapies. By recording and analyzing the rich data streams available to the Sense Relief App, we hope to be able to identify changes in certain parameters that may predict the onset of additional maternal health complications. Two areas we see the potential for major breakthroughs are in preeclampsia and preterm birth, for which will utilize our data science platforms’ unsupervised machine learning neural network capabilities, and cluster analysis, to find insights. There are many potential commercial and medical applications in maternal health. The Apple Watch is the most widely used health wearable with over 37% of the US market share. Since the Sense Relief App has all the functionality of the Apple Watch and iPhone, we can work with commercial partners for help with prescription medication or prenatal vitamin compliance using push notification on the iPhone. For instance, with severe cases of PRNV that might require a multi-modal treatment approach, Sense Relief can play a part in the monitoring and treatment therapy.

Specialties Wearable Technology, Digital Therapeutics

Address San Francisco, CA,
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