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Description INTRODUCING Virtual Psychedelics Incorporated (VPI) PSYCHEDELICS AND “VX” (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality) Virtual Psychedelics Inc. (VPI) was formed to pioneer the integration of Psychedelic Therapies with Virtual Experience known as “VX” (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality). Founded by the leading minds in both clinical and entertainment-based Virtual Reality, VPI is dedicated to developing new approaches for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions, and for promoting wellness, alongside the technologies and processes to make them scaleable. In addition to medicinal applications, this marriage of ancient and modern technologies has enormous potential for promoting self-understanding and social transformation. CONTROLLED SET AND SETTING The key to a positive, therapeutic psychedelic experience is set & setting. Virtual Reality immerses the subject in a meticulously architected field of multi-sensory stimulation, providing the optimal solution for controlling environments in clinical and recreational scenarios. The strategic use of VX to direct or “craft” the user experience within psychedelic therapy is seen as a way to improve clinical outcomes. OUR TEAM VPI brings together an all-star cast of thought-leaders with extensive multi-disciplinary expertise. Having established footprints in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the military, clinical psychology, and digital therapeutics, VPI is forming partnerships with top psychedelics research groups and clinics to develop ways of pairing clinical VR with different entheogens in order to treat a variety of mental health conditions.

Address 1 Adelaide St E, Toronto, Ontario
Address M5C2V9, Canada


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