VX Pharma

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Our journey so far… For over a decade, from the initial round of seed funding that enabled us to enter the clinical trials space in 2010, to the sale of our ongoing site operations in 2020, Vx Pharma has earned a reputation for integrity, innovation, and excellence. Now, at the dawn of our second decade, the vision of our founder Dr. Mark Fyvie is of a leading contributor and pioneer, capitalising on the revolutionary ICT- and biotechnologies now disrupting the diagnostics, therapeutics, health intelligence, and clinical research sectors. To achieve those aims, Vx Pharma has been fundamentally restructured, to enable us to sell, finish, and invent in our four selected focus areas. Over the coming months, we will announce a range of exciting new projects, products and services, and welcome inquiries from investors, partners, and buyers.

Specialities Business Development Advisory, Investment Sourcing, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals, Medical Diagnostics, Next Generation, Heath Intelligence, Clinical Research, Digital Clinical Research, Point of Care Diagnostics, eHealth Solutions, Business Strategy, Business Concept Design, Clinical Development Facilitation, Biopharma Advisory, Advanced Therapeutics

Address Oxford, GB