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Description Rapido Consult har nu også konsulenter indenfor en række pharma discipliner i spændende projekter hos landets største medicinal virksomheder. Rapido Consults partnere er via et tidligere mangeårigt samarbejde med de største medicinal…

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Medical Device Design, Medical mobile Apps: iPhone/iPad/Android, Industrial Design, Electronics/Software Engineering, Medical Wireless M2M Comms, IEC 62304, Pre-Clinical Testing, SPICE/CMMI, ISO 11037: Bluetooth, AAMI TIR45, Digital health, Digital…

Artificial Intelligence, Physical Health, Mental Health, Coaching, Bad Habits, Psychology, Neurosience, CBT, Medical Devices, Digital Therapeutics, Preventative Care, Innovation, mHealth, Healthcare, Behavioral Change

Digital Health, Digital Therapy Management, Patient Engagement Solutions, Digital Therapeutics, Medical Device Development, Connected Medical Devices, Implantable Medical Devices, Wearable Medical Devices, Hospital-Based Medical Devices, Software As…

Description Syncsense is a healthtech company based in Copenhagen. We are building the next generation of digital therapeutics targeting physical inactivity for the elderly. We combine participatory design with Nordic design aesthetics and agile…

digital therapy, stroke rehabiliitation